The Largest Of Lenders Don’t Even Compare.

Each day we’re contacted by clients who have gone days away from closing their loan with appraisal in hand, only to find out their lender missed the property is manufactured or a mobile home and can’t close it.

Imagine going through the process only to be let down. You need to find a new lender fast or lose your escrow and your home. That is not a fun position to be put in, yet it happens every day, luckily we can solve this problem if this is you.

100% Purchase, Cash-Out, & Debt Consolidation Loans for Manufactured Homes!

For over 17 years we have specialized in manufactured home loans on fixed foundations as well as, in rural locations. is a Top Rated National Lender & VA Manufactured Home Loans is where we thrive!

Many lenders refer us clients on a weekly basis they cannot help and the benefits we bring far outweigh renting or taking a higher rate from a conventional lender.

  1. VA Nationwide is the largest VA Manufactured Home Lender lending in all 50 states, we make the process simple and come to you for the closing.
  2. We finance up to 100%, true no money down, zero out of pocket cost VA Loans.
  3. No monthly private mortgage insurance.
  4. Qualifying Loan Types are; new home purchase, true cash out, debt consolidation and rate-and-term streamline VA IRRL refinances.
  5. Financing down to 530 credit scores, some cases like streamline refinances can qualify with no score.
  6. Skip up to 2 mortgage payments when we time the closing right on cash out, debt consolidation and streamline refinance programs.

These factors combined with the benefits of the Veterans Administration is what makes us the strongest and most confident lender for manufactured homes.

We truly want to speak to you about your needs, as there is always a path we can explore and a plan to put in place to help you create the home of your dreams. *Manufactured Home must be on a permanent foundation system and must be on land that you own or will own.

Call us at 1-866-878-7111 to speak directly to our Top Rated National VA Mortgage Lender, or, complete the form to your right. We’ll give you the most accurate information for your VA Manufactured Home Loans and current VA Loan Rates available to pre-qualify you instantly. Please be sure to read what our customers have to say about their loan closing with our Top Rated Banker.