Up To $1,500,000.00 Loan Amount For VA Jumbo Loans

Offering higher loan limits on VA jumbo loans than the majority!

The power of a using a VA Loan on your next purchase or refinance doesn’t stop at the traditional county loan limits which for a majority of the country is $424,100. We make it possible to go over the allotted amounts and finance up to $1.5 million and obtain some of the lowest VA jumbo loan rates with a few caveats.

First, look at the benefits of using the VA Jumbo Loans versus Conventional Jumbo Loans.


    Putting less than 20% down on jumbo loans can carry costly monthly mortgage insurance additions to your payment. Using the VA Jumbo loan will save hundreds to thousands per year on loan amounts up to $1.5 Million.


    We’re a true 50 state mortgage bank with no lending restrictions in other states, so if you are buying or relocating out of state, we can help make the transition smooth. Having our own underwriters allow us to close faster than mortgage brokers who are required to send their loans to other banks. We are the bank.


    VA Jumbo Loans allow for lighter credit score requirements, whereas, conventional jumbo loans normally require credit scores over 700.


    Normally lenders will add on large interest rate adjustments, sometimes over .500 – 1.000% of the normal rate for buying a larger priced home. Depending upon your score and loan amount, VA Jumbo Loans may not carry this rate adjustment. The VA Jumbo Loan is priced lower across the board than any comparable Conventional Jumbo Loan product.


    When choosing to acquire a Jumbo Property Loan through the VA and going higher than the VA County Loan Limits, there is a calculation we use to calculate how much of a down payment you will be required to make. The required down payment is almost always lower than 20% or more required by Conventional and Super Jumbo Lenders. You’ll not only save on your down payment, you’ll also save on your VA Jumbo Loan Rates. This is because Current VA Jumbo Loan Rates are lower than Conventional Jumbo Lenders.

What Are Current VA Jumbo Loan Rates?

Rates change daily depending upon market conditions. Just after the recent presidential election rates started to increase, as well as speculation surrounding interest rate increases forthcoming from The Federal Reserve Bank. While you can search online and see banks offering daily rates, there is a myriad of factors which are not included in this pricing. Most lenders show rates that are not available without paying points, they do this to try and pull you in without disclosing that points are being charged until you are almost ready to close your loan. This is a trick we don’t participate in.

Factors such as credit score, loan amount, loan to value, down payment, equity position, property type (condo, manufactured home or single family), credit criteria and time in property are just some factors that can impact Current VA Jumbo Loan Rates. Rates we often find published online are sometimes grossly higher or grossly lower than actual rates for each individual scenario.

When searching for Current VA Jumbo Loan Rates we find many of our clients are misquoted by online systems and applications. Not getting the most accurate rate could hinder your loan closing. You could get quoted too high of a rate and miss out on affording a larger home with extra features, and, if you’re quoted too low and not locked in at what they quoted, you could be disqualified if the payment goes up beyond your qualified allotment. Either way, when we fight for your home like you fought for ours, we make sure transparency is key.

Either way, there is no system that is accurate enough online without discussing the details, and we are here to take your call and provide you the confidence you need when completing your jumbo loan. Our transparency with clients is the key to our closing success, we are sure you agree this holds true in all areas of life as well!

Call us at 1-866-878-7111 to speak directly to our Top Rated National VA Mortgage Lender, or, complete the form to your right. We’ll provide the most accurate Current VA Jumbo Loan Rates available based on the information you provide and pre-qualify you instantly.