100% Cash-Out Programs For All Veterans.

We are experts at helping homeowners access the equity in their home. Veterans every day choose to use their equity for a business idea or expansion, children’s education fund, consolidate higher interest credit debt, pay off medical bills or however they see fit. 

There are no restrictions or requirements for the use of your cash, and in a world of many changes in the loan industry, the VA Cash-Out loan is the best option in the industry. For the last 4 years, VA Loans have offered the lowest rates, easiest qualification requirements, and fastest closing times.

Some Great Benefits Of Applying For A VA Cash Out Or Debt Consolidation Loan. 

  1. Skip Up To Two Payments.
  2. We finance up to 100% if the equity in your home.
  3. No Mortgage Insurance.
  4. Loans down to a 530 credit score.
  5. Even if your property is a manufactured home.

Veterans can save hundreds of dollars a month by consolidating debt and use their equity as a tool while the rates continue to stay low. However, as the market and economy improve, rates will continue to rise like you have seen. Locking in low rates for fixed terms instead of short teaser ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) will ensure you reduce your interest across all higher interest debt you wish to consolidate.

There’s always a path we can explore and a plan to create the home loan of your dreams. We provide VA Cash-Out and Debt Consolidation Loans on all type of residential property, even Super Jumbo VA, to Condos and Manufactured Homes

For those of you not looking to pull cash out or consolidate debt, we offer streamline refinance loans“, which are purely designed to reduce your interest rate, and/or the loan term. These are commonly known as Rate and Term Refinance Loans. The Veterans Administration calls them “VA IRRRL” loans, which attractively offer no score and no appraisal requirement, along with most closing very quickly, under 30 days.

Our VA cash-out loan process is quick and simple, we create a smooth experience. To start, just complete the form to the right or call us at 1-866-878-7111 to speak directly to our Top Rated National VA Mortgage Lender. We’re eager to help you with your cash-out loan, and thank you for your service to our country!